Currently, we are only able to ship our product to customers in the United States. The following shipping rates shall apply:

0.00 to 1.0 = $2.50

1.01 to 2.0 = $5.00

2.01 to 3.0 = $6.00

3.01 to 4.0 = $7.00

4.01 to 5.0 = $8.00

5.01 to 6.0 = $10.00

6.0 and over = please inquire



All orders received before 3:00pm EST on business days, will be sent out that day. Once sent through UPS, you should get a confirmation email from them. There are exceptions for peak holiday times, but we work hard to get you your Intention Bracelets to you as quickly as possible. We take weekends off and packages ordered over the weekend will be shipped on the following business day (usually Monday).

Who do you use for Deliveries?
We work with UPS. UPS cannot deliver to Post Boxes, or military bases at this time.

Please note that if you live in an Apartment building and UPS can’t access your apartment, you will most likely have to make arrangements with them to pick up your Intention Bracelet at the closest UPS facility. (Please remember to give us your apartment number!)

Why doesn’t my tracking number work?
UPS must process your order, please allow for additional time. If you are still having troubles, please contact us.

My package should be here by now, where is it?
If you have checked your tracking number and it says delivered, you will have to contact UPS to determine your package location. At this point, it is out of a our hands, however, if you are unable to find it after contacting UPS, please contact us for further assistance.

I gave you the wrong address, what should I do?
We would suggest contacting the postal service to request re-routing the package. If they are unable to carry that request, and it is sent back to us, we will send it to you once we receive it back. We regret adding in that you may have to pay to have it re-shipped if it was your error.