Mandala Meditation

When you seek stillness you shall find it.

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Sometimes it’s hard to remain conscious of what we truly want when we have so much going on in our everyday world. We get foggy, things pile up and we lose focus. Mandala Meditation is the perfect workshop to help you re-connect with yourself, discover your inner voice and get clear on your intention. Maybe you’ve heard the saying what you focus on expands? When you get clear on your intention and have a visual reminder, the likelihood that it will spill into every area of your life grows. Whether it’s exercise, spiritual practice, peace or joy, the Mandala Meditation Workshop will help you become more purposeful and peaceful in your everyday life.

Give yourself the opportunity to be still and connect with yourself.

This workshop includes a guided meditation designed to bypass everything you have been carrying with you throughout your day. In that stillness, I’ll guide you to discover your heart’s intention. After the meditation, we will gather our paint supplies and get to work. Each of you will create a mandala focused on your intentions. The colors, shapes and strokes will represent a useful reminder that you can bring home and use as your guide each and every day.

  • TBD

  • From 6:30-8:30 p.m.

  • Cost $35.00

  • Location: MacMurray Designs, 200 Weymouth Street, Rockland, MA

Mandala Meditation
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