Welcome to Seek Stillness.

Seek Stillness is about helping you connect deeply with the part of yourself that has all the answers. The part of you that connects with your true desires, purpose and passion. Everything we share and offer is about helping you get clear about what you want and planting the seeds so it can grow. I'm Kathleen Powers, Owner, Creative Director and life-long "seeker". I've created four distinct paths for you to discover your stillness. From our intention bracelets, workshops, reiki treatments and essential oils – let us provide you with the tools to get you there.


Have you noticed that what you focus on expands? It’s true. And the more we can focus on our intention – the thing our soul and heart wants more than anything else in life – the more it can grow.


Let us help you discover your true intention. Explore our tools, workshops and services to find the intention that connects you with what you seek!



The Power of Intention

“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.


It seems so simple; set an intention and then let the universe do its work. Most of us might set an intention and then forget about it. The Seek Stillness Intention Journal is a way for you to get connected to your intention and live it!

Whether you use it as a companion to your intention bracelet or alone, the intention journal is designed to help you get the practice of connecting with your intention daily – so that all the choices, thoughts and decisions you make are aligned with your true intention.

It’s a simple practice the helps you get in the habit of being connected to who you truly are and what you desire!