Reiki Healing and Stillness

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing that promotes stress reduction and discover greater stillness. The word itself means spiritually guided life force energy, it literally allows you to connect your higher or divine knowledge (Rei) with its life force energy (Ki). When our life force energy is low, we tend to feel increased stress, confusion or even illness. But, when our life force energy vibrates at a higher level, we are able to become still and feel more vibrant and healthy.


How it works

Designed to treat the whole person – including mind, body, emotions and spirit, Reiki is administered by guiding energy through laying hands over your body, allowing you to naturally fall still and connect with only the messages that YOU were designed to hear. Reducing stress and promoting relaxation, Reiki is a safe and natural treatment that can help you:

  • Connect with and release unhealthy emotions

  • Increase energy and boost the immune system

  • Promote the body’s natural ability to heal

  • Eliminating blocks caused by stress, tension or injury

A Reiki Energy Healing Session is a great way to give your body a break from the business and the hectic pace of life. Simple and highly effective, Reiki gives your body the chance to fall still which promotes peace, both mentally and physically. Each session focuses on helping you connect to your intention. Whatever your body and soul may be calling for in the moment, Reiki can help you connect to that – opening you up to the next level of healing.

“Live Every Day With Intention.”

Traditionally trained by a Reiki master, Kathleen Powers innately taps into the power of your life force energy to give you the opportunity to seek stillness and find that moment where your own natural healing energy meets its pure source of divine knowledge and understanding.

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*Sessions may include the use of essential oils, crystals and card messages.

60 minute session $75.00 or 3 sessions for $200.00


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