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Once you discover this place, you will forever be able to visit it - at any moment - to find all of the answers YOU need and to guide you to the very places, make the right decision and access all of the wisdom needed to guide you on your journey to YOUR ultimate desired destination! 

Once in alignment, magical shifts can occur in our lives.  

The answers you seek are right there, with you at all times. You just have to be still enough to hear them. So many of us can't hear our own inner voice because we are so busy living our daily lives or listening to the voices that judge, criticize or second guess our choices. We end up seeking answers from others instead of seeking stillness and finding exactly what we need. But, when we settle down and quiet our mind, doubt and confusion simply melt away. 

We provide you with the tools to connect deeply with that part of yourself that simply knows with absolute clarity what you want and need.

As founder of Seek Stillness, I personally know what it means to feel caught up in the chaos - stuck on autopilot and unsure of exactly what I wanted to do or have in my life. Seek Stillness culminates my journey of discovery - offering others the tools I know will help you find the PEACE, CLARITY and RELEASE you've been looking for. I invite you to explore the tools we offer. 

Set your intention. Find stillness. Breathe it In. 

We look forward to connecting with you in one of our workshops, reiki sessions or sharing with us how your intention manifested in your life.

Seek Stillness, 200 Weymouth Street, Rockland, Ma 781-983-6298,

xo - Kathleen Powers

P.S. Are you ready to find stillness and share the power of Intention that develops? Learn More and Share Your Intention.

Seek Stillness Supports

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Kate Phalon McCarthy


Posted in her 8th Grade Yearbook, Kate lived by those words each and every day in her short time here. Her message was in many ways prophetic - leaving us only at the age of 15 in April, 2016.. Kate was a powerful soul – filled with laughter, love and unparalleled energy. At Seek Stillness, we wish to honor Kate’s memory and live by her words. Make the days count. Laugh. Learn. Help others. Give. Play. Dance. Be active. Be healthy. Reach for the stars.

Seek Stillness created "Kate's Bracelet" in honor of Kate and in support of the Kate Phalon McCarthy Memorial Fund. Raising money to help with the well-being and care of veterans, students and children, a portion of our proceeds from Kate's Bracelet go to support these causes and more. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of Kate’s message!