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“I placed my Intention bracelet on and set the intention that I would get a lot of clients and be very busy in the upcoming months.  About a month and a half went by and I was on the phone with my wife and I was telling her how busy I was and I had so much work that I could not keep up.  As I looked at my wrist at the steering wheel, my bracelet was gone.  My intention had been met and then some.  I am now a believer in the power of intention.”
— EP
“After attending a convention of a company that I was considering getting involved with I was blown away by the company, the people and the enthusiasm at the event.  I placed an intention bracelet on and set the intention that I was going to have success and attract a lot of interest in the product.  Within 2 months I had attracted more clients than I would have imagined and I am continuing to do so today.  Thank You Universe!” 
— CM
“After a breakup with my girlfriend, I was devastated.  I wanted more than anything to make things work.  A friend offered me and intention bracelet and I was a bit skeptical, but I was open and willing to try anything at that point.  I put on the bracelet and set the intention that my girlfriend and I would work it out and get back together.  What do you know... within a few months we were back together and still are to this day.  I am now a believer in the power of intention.”  
— A
“I found myself struggling financially.  I was trying desperately to make ends meet.  My friend gave me an Intention bracelet as a gift and she tied it on me as I set the intention to be more comfortable financially.  I started to see changes, I got a raise at work, money was coming in unexpectedly from random places and my bills were being paid with less effort. I found myself more comfortable and then my bracelet broke one day as I drove to work!  Wow!”
— LT
“I never would have imagined that an intention bracelet would change my life so much!  When it arrived, I eagerly tied it on my wrist stating my intention to no longer keep myself small.  And like a pregnant mom, I looked at my bracelet every day reminding myself to live out loud.  It continued to get looser and looser until I found it tangled in my bedsheets the other morning.  Since that moment, I have had moments of wanting to duck back into my rabbit hole, but I’ve told myself that my intention has come to fruition.  Hiding and playing it safe are no longer options.  Wow!  How simple, yet profound a small piece of string wrapped around my wrist has become.”  
— DK
“I received my first Intention bracelet as a gift. I was really unsure whether anything would come of it, but I found that wearing it everyday was a great way to remind me of what I wanted  in my life. It was also so pretty to look at and when people asked me what it was, it allowed me to share my dreams - making them stronger by having the support of others! When it fell off, it completely made sense: I had fulfilled my intention of having more support and happiness come into my life. I loved the bracelet so much that I now buy and give them to my clients as gifts!”
— Linda

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